Come and join us at Kelowna’s City Park Field right on the beach for the 2nd Annual Kelowna Summerfest Rugby 7s!! There will be food, drinks, beach fun and most importantly quality rugby!

Current Divisions:

  • Elite Men’s Division – Teams TBD, Prize Money – $10,000

  • Social Men’s Division – Teams TBD, Prize Money – TBD

  • Elite Women’s Division – Teams TBD, Prize Money – TBD

  • Social Women's Division – Teams TBD, Prize Money – TBD

  • Youth Division – TBD

NOTE 1: Number of teams per division to be adjusted based on registration.

NOTE 2: If you are a referee and are keen to ref in the tournament, please contact info@summerfestsevens.com

Field Location


Kelowna City Park, 1600 Abbott St, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada



We have secured rooms with the following hotels - please contact them for rates and availability

Hotel Zed - https://www.hotelzed.com/

Sandman - https://www.sandmanhotels.com/locations/british-columbia/kelowna/hotels/kelowna-kel

Prestige Beach House - https://www.prestigehotelsandresorts.com/locations/kelowna/overview/

After Party



Bigger and better than 2019's - Stay Tuned

Rules & Regulations


1. General Rules

1.1 The Tournament will be conducted entirely under the control of the Kelowna Summerfest 7s Organizing Committee (hereafter referred to as the Committee) whose decision, in all matters, is final. In the event of any complaint arising from a game the Tournament Director’s decision (which may be made with input from the Competitions Manager and/or Referee Manager) will be final.

1.2 Games will be played under the World Rugby Laws, U19 variations and standard set of variations for Rugby Sevens.

2 Team and Player Registration

2.1 Teams from Canada and the USA need to be in good standing with and members of Rugby Canada and USA Rugby. Players are required to have up-to-date Union registrations (which will be checked by the tournament organizers) as required by the tournament’s sanctioning body, USA Rugby. Player rosters (including date of birth and player registration information) are to be submitted to the Tournament Organizers at least 1 week prior to the start of the tournament to enable these checks to take place. The Tournament Director will have the final say on a player’s eligibility in the Tournament.

2.2 International teams are required to hold adequate insurance for their rugby activities while participating in the tournament.

2.3 Upon arrival at the tournament, team managers will need to verify their final squad and sign the Team Registration Form, which will be available from the Tournament Office based on preliminary rosters already submitted. Teams will not be permitted to play until the Team Registration form has been signed, completed and returned to the Competitions Manager. Coaches are requested to hold a copy of the signed roster.

2.4 Five (5) minutes prior to the start of each match, team managers/coaches will be asked to submit their starting team list and substitute list (max. 7 players plus 5 substitutes per game) to the Match Marshall at the match pitch. Once the match has been concluded, each team manager/coach will be asked to sign the final match score sheet along with the referee to confirm the result.

2.5 A Team Manager/Coaches meeting will be held prior to the start of the tournament. The team Manager or Coach of each team as well as all Referees are expected to attend this meeting. At this meeting the Tournament Director/Competitions Manager will discuss organizational matters, tournament schedules and regulations, disciplinary procedures, and all participants will have the opportunity to raise issues, make suggestions and ask questions.

3 Playing Rules

3.1 Pitch Size: The pitch will be standard full size pitch as per World Rugby regulations for all divisions.

3.2 Ball Size: Size 5 balls will be used for all divisions.

3.3 Player Numbers: The maximum squad size for the tournament is 20. However, only a maximum of 12 players from that squad are eligible to play in any given match: only 7 players are allowed on the pitch at any one time and each team is allowed up to a maximum of 5 substitutions.

3.4 Coin toss: 5 minutes before kick-off of their next match, the team manager or captain must show up at the pitch where his/her team’s next match will take place to meet the referee for the coin toss, to determine direction of play and which team will kick off for the start of the game.

3.5 Point scoring: Five (5) points will be awarded for a try and two (2) points for a conversion, which must
be taken as a drop goal.

3.6 Substitutions: A team may nominate up to five replacements/substitutes for any given match. A team can substitute or replace up to five players during a match. Substitutions may only be made when the ball is dead and with the permission of the referee. If a player is substituted, that player must not return and play in that match even to replace an injured player, except in the case of a blood replacement following World Rugby Laws.

3.7 Scrums: 3 person scrums: 1.5m Rule: The scrum may not be pushed more than 1.5m.
Scrum Half must stay on their own side. For youth divisions, the scrum is not to be contested.

3.8 Line-outs: 2 person line-outs. Line-outs can be contested but no lifting is permitted in youth divisions.

3.11 Game Duration: Each game shall be played for 7 minutes each way with a 2 minute half time break, except for the final championship game in each division will be 10 minutes each way plus extra time.
No extra time will be played in the pool rounds of any tournament and matches will be left drawn.

3.12 Shirt colors: If two teams’ playing jerseys are too close in color to clearly distinguish the two teams, then the team which brought a second set of jerseys must wear it to avoid the clash. If neither team
has another set of jerseys then the team listed as the “away” team on the match schedule must resolve the conflict by wearing bibs (supplied by the tournament) over their shirts. (Example: Match schedule says “Team A vs. Team B”, then Team B must find another set of shirts or wear bibs).

4. Competition Rules

4.1 The competition format for each division will consist of pool phase followed by a playoff(s) phase. The specific competition format for each division will be dependent on the number of teams in that division and therefore may differ from division to division. The Competition Manager reserves the right to amend the competition format for any division at any time.

4.2 Pool Phase: Teams will be allocated 3 points for a Win, 2 points for a Draw and 1 points for a Defeat.
Each teams’ ranking in the final group table is determined by the amount of competition-points accumulated. In the case of two or more teams on equal competition points in the final group table,
only the matches between these teams will count to determine their ranking. If the match between two teams on equal competition points resulted in a draw or if more teams are on equal points, the higher score difference will be taken into account followed by the higher number of scored points.
Should teams still be equal on all these criteria, there will be coin toss (or drawing lots if more than 2
teams are concerned).

4.3 Playoffs Phase (No draw game): After the pool phase, teams will be ranked (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) in their pool. The tournament will then move to a playoff(s) phase with teams drawn according to their ranking in the pool phase. In the event of a playoff match being drawn at the end of normal time (in the knockout stages) extra time will be played, in five (5) minute periods until a winner is determined. There will be an interval of one (1) minute after full time has been declared then play shall commence with a coin-toss, the winner of which chooses either; which way to play or to kick-off the period of extra time. The first team to score will immediately be declared the winner and play will cease. After each five (5)
minute period of extra time, teams will change ends, without stoppage, and resume play.

5. Code of Conduct, Foul Play & Disciplinary Procedures

5.1 The use of Temporary Suspension (Sin Bin) for 2 minutes will be in force for any player receiving a yellow card.

5.2 If a player receives a red card (either outright red or receives 2 yellow cards), this will result in an automatic ban for the next game. For serious or repeated offenses, the Competition Manager reserves the right to deliver a further suspension according to the severity of the offense. In the case of a sendoff as a result of a brawl or insulting a referee, the concerned player will be disqualified for the whole remainder of the tournament.

5.3 Any appeals must be addressed in the first instance to the Competition Manager.

5.4 The Tournament Director reserves the right to suspend entire teams from the tournament, if they act in a disrespectful manner towards referees, officials, coaches, spectators or opponents, or if they misbehave themselves.

6. Delays, Postponements, No Shows and Cancellations

6.1 Teams wanting to cancel before the start of the tournament can do so with a full refund provided they cancel no later than June 30th. No refunds will be given for cancellations after this date.

6.2 In the interests of courtesy to other teams and the tournament organizers, the commencement of matches at the scheduled time shall be the first priority in all instances. However, in circumstances deemed necessary by the Tournament Director, matches may need to be delayed, postponed, abandoned, or cancelled. All decisions in this regard shall be communicated to teams by the Tournament Director. If a team refuses to play or abandons a match in progress without the prior consent of the Referee, the Tournament Director will decide the result of the game and the further participation of the team in the Tournament.

6.3 If a team is not present on the designated pitch for their match 5 minutes after the scheduled time the match was due to start, the offending team will be sanctioned with a ’No Show’:

• if a pool game, then the pool game is null and void,
• if a Finals game, the other side wins.

6.4 If a match is stopped by the referee, the procedure is as follows:

• When a match is stopped either at half time or during the second half, and cannot be completed
the same day, the result will stand.
• When a match is stopped in the first half, and cannot be completed the same day, a decision will be taken by the Tournament Director as to whether the result stands.

6.5 If, before any pool game, a side is unable to field 7 players, then the pool game is deemed null and void. If a side cannot field 7 players for subsequent matches, the side is removed from the Tournament.

6.6 In the event of a side being unable to continue to field 7 players during a game, other than sending off or a temporary suspension, then the game is abandoned and:

• if a pool game, then the pool game is null and void,
• if a finals game, the other side wins.

7. Player Safety

7.1 Every player must wear a gum-shield/mouth guard for the protection of the teeth and mouth.

7.2 Each item of protective clothing, padding or otherwise, must conform to World Rugby guidelines which can be found here: https://assets.usarugby.org/docs/refereeing/protective-equipmentclothing-guidelines.pdf or here http://playerwelfare.worldrugby.org/reg12


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